Classification of pharmaceutical Companies in India

Classification of pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical industry is known as as a one of the leading business across the World. The main work of this industry is to discovers, develops, produces and marketing the pharmaceutical products or medicines which are used for medications. In pharmaceutical industry mostly generic medications, branding medications and medical devices & kits comes but other salt and excipients also have their presence. To drive pharmaceutical industry in right direction, there is a need effective pharmaceutical distribution, medications and health protection strategies. Government has applied various laws and regulations over pharmaceutical companies as per country norms.

Pharmaceutical companies are divided into four category

Brand Developers: In this category, pharmaceutical companies handle both research & development and pharmaceutical production. Often large pharmaceutical companies such as Sun Pharma, Dr. Reddy’s, Glenmark, Zydus Cadila, Aurobindo etc. lie in this category. These large corporation research formularies from the beginning and discover new drugs for medications. After discovery of new pharmaceutical products these companies seek for patent and find all manufacturing authority.

Generic pharmaceutical company: In this category, pharmaceutical companies produce generic version of brand-name medicines. Generally, generic manufacturers can offer pharmaceuticals or medicines at low cost as compare to brand-name but it solve same problem or provide the same benefits.

Pharmaceutical R&D : Research and development exists stand alone industry in pharmaceutical sector. As new type of disease appear and sophisticated medical technology, research & development is key business sector for small and large pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. These firm conduct survey, identify pattern of disease, discover medicine, clinical trials etc. Research & development plays very important role in medications.

Pharmaceutical Marketing: Pharmaceutical marketing is backbone of pharmaceutical sectors. There are variety of pharmaceutical marketing channels such as generic marketing, branded marketing, pcd pharma franchise, pharma distributorship, pharma marketing services etc.


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